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Unlocking the Potential of Female Migrants as Entrepreneurs in the Digital Age Migrant women face many hurdles in accessing education, training and business start-up services. Many are not able to easily find work let alone start a business. This means that, across Europe, migrant women are not well represented in …

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TAACTIC in a few words…

What is the project about ? Why ? What for ? For who ? By whom ?… are questions to be answered in TAACTIC flyer. To be disseminated without restraint! Follow us on and

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“Destination Pro” project selected by the French Eramus+ agency

AGFE is very glad to announce you that his project “Destination Pro” has been selected by the French Erasmus+ agency. The aim of this project is to promote transnational mobility as a tool for social and professional inclusion. Mobilities are opened to all and especially to young people far from …