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Unlocking the Potential of Female Migrants as Entrepreneurs in the Digital Age

Migrant women face many hurdles in accessing education, training and business start-up services. Many are not able to easily find work let alone start a business. This means that, across Europe, migrant women are not well represented in the economic landscape, often through no fault of their own. The Chameleon project aims to address this problem.

Evolve Global Solutions Ltd, the UK lead partner, has been awarded an Erasmus+ grant to collaborate with project partners from 6 countries. This team will co-design and pilot a Europe wide approach that aims to build the essential skills and competences which migrant women need, if they are to champion their own economic integration.  The training programme will consist of training materials and a digital and social media toolbox accessed via a MOOC platform. As this is an Erasmus+ European funded project the resources will be available for free by any individual and organisation who feels they can benefit from our work.

Each partner will act as a lead and hub in their country and together we will roll out a social entrepreneurship training programme specifically addressed to the needs and interests of migrant women. Project partners: Portugal – StoryTellMe, Unipessoal LDA, Ireland – Future In Perspective Limited, Italy – Speha Fresia SC, Cyprus – Center For Social Innovation Ltd, France – Association de Gestion des Fonds Européens, Spain – Soluciones Tecno-Profesionales Consulting.

“We believe our project will support migrant women to achieve greater cohesion between themselves and their communities which in turn will enhance their social and civic inclusion. The skills and experience that each partner brings to the project is invaluable. And why Chameleon? Well, first in existence more than a 100 million years ago, chameleons are a highly specialised species and have the ability to change colour. The chameleon represents a period of changes and adjustment to environment, blending to create harmony. It encourages patience, gaining insight curiosity and resourcefulness.” Afshan Baksh, project lead for the Chameleon Project and Managing Director at Evolve Global Solutions Ltd.

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