How work our mobilities?

Posted on: April 10, 2018 Posted by: AGFE Comments: 0

How work our mobilities?

Firstly, we inform young about the international mobilities opportunities by the organisation of information campaign into the community aid project for young people of the Val d’Oise (French department).

Then, we inform and raise awareness among mobility opportunities to workers of inclusion and young field and explain to them the importance about mobility for professional career and personal life.

Finally, we assist each young individually, before, during and after their mobility.

More concretely, after information campaign we invite young to apply. Their candidature are chosen by a board composed of the project’s partners. This phase of recruitment goes on around 2 weeks. Then, we offer to the selected young a preparation for travelling abroad and a linguistic courses. The preparation for travelling abroad goes on around 8 weeks before the departure. Next, young leave abroad in order to do an internship. The duration of our mobilities is between 3 and 26 weeks and they take place in one European country, in Ireland, Italy or Spain. Finally, at their return, they are helped during 2 weeks.

Young, involved in the programme, realise tasks and missions in coherence with their needs (jobs discovery, vocational choice, personal project confirmation, capacities building and linguistic courses). In parallel, partners pay close attention to wishes, competencies and needs of participant while encouraging and supporting their initiatives and preventing abandons and ruptures.